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Sunday, October 18th 2015

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Updated on: October 4, 2015
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4th Saturday & Sunday: Comanche Valley Vigilantes, Glen Rose, TX
5th Sunday : ITSASS, Sand Springs, OK (Tulsa) 
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Cowboy Shooting for the FUN of it !
The Shortgrass Rangers, following in the tradition of the "WHITE SQUIRREL" for a clean match, have instituted the "Black Squirrel" award for the ugliest of trainwrecks - voted by fellow shooters.  It may be interesting, but is it a reward or a penalty?

SQUIRREL #1 - Awarded to Goose Terwillligher for managing to shoot his own  hat in a shotgun double tap.  He was clean, the hat was not.

SQUIRREL #2 - Awarded to Dorado for 2 straight matches losing the White Squirrel on the last stage, last gun

SQUIRREL #3  -Awarded to Shameless Womanizer for a magnificant  blackpowder double that  bucked enough to cause an impressive laceration. Big Paul was rocked!

SQUIRREL #4 -  Awarded to dapper Cabrito Joe for a trainwreck so ugly, it won't be described here.  Apparently classy clothes do not always make the shooter.

SQUIRREL #5  - Awared tp Capt. Allyn Capron for an unbelievable, on the clock,  dissambley , repair and reassembley of his rifle to avoid a miss AT LANDRUN. Wow!

SQUIRREL #6  Awarded to Redleg Reilly for an amazing display of cylinder spinning, thumbilitis and a stuborn failure to recognize a bad primer.

SQUIRREL #7  Awared  to Texita Draw for  New Years'  self destruciton that was legendary.  Will he ever be the same.

SQUIRREL #8  Awared to Hebe Missing for a Grand Slam Disaster 6 misses, a procedural and and minor safety.  Wow!

SQUIRREL #9  Awarded to 3 Fingers Mike for a stage DQ and something about trying to load empty shotgun shells into his shotgun on the clock.

SQUIRREL #10  Awarded to Razorback for an amazing inadverdent pistol twirling exibition that ended his day.

SQUIRREL #11 Awarded to Goose for unbelievable inconsistency and just plain awful shooting.

SQUIRREL  #12 Awarded to Kiamichi Queen  for unrequited loss of a classic white squirrel on the last stage

SQUIRREL  #13 Awarded to Scuubbrush for an unmatched disconbobulation involiving 4 misses, a procedural and a loss of 4 bonus points in less than 30 seconds.  It was sad.

SQUIRREL  #14 Awarded to Trainwrek for an unmatched combination  of misses , and equipment malfuncitons.

SQUIRREL  #15 Awarded to HeBe Missiong  an impressive  presentation of an empty pistol with the ammo hanging from  a poubh dangling from the barrel

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The Shortgrass Rangers would like to encourage more participation and variety.  You are encouraged to check out the Design page and get started. It's easy

Shortgrass Rangers' 2013 Membership Booklet
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The Peculiar Order of the Black Squirrel

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